December 3rd NSYS Concert Reminders

Greetings NSYS parents, guardians and students,

Our next NSYS concert is coming up on Monday, December 3, 2018. Here are a few reminders.

Rehearsal and Concert times:

5:30 Symphony meets to rehearse in the Concert Hall
6:00 Philharmonia meets to rehearse in Room 24, Band Room, Lower Level 2
6:30 Ushers meet in lobby
7:30 Concert starts

Concert Dress:

Philharmonia wears white long-sleeved top and black pants or black ankle-length skirt, black socks or tights and black shoes. Black ties or bowties are acceptable but not required.

Symphony wears black long-sleeved top and black pants or black ankle-length skirt with black tights. Black socks and black shoes. Black ties are acceptable but not required. Boys may wear tuxes with a white shirt and black jacket.

No flashy jewelry or perfume, please.


Please bring a plate of cookies to share at our post-concert reception. Deliver the cookies to the lobby when you come for rehearsal.

Concert Volunteers:

See the sign-up genius for volunteer spots.

Pre-concert greeter:
Beginning at 5:15 we need one volunteer to greet students at the south entrance outside and one volunteer in the lobby to help receive cookies for the reception.

Post-concert reception and cleanup:
We need volunteers to help serve snacks and cleanup at the post-concert reception.

Two ushers are needed to keep food and drink out of the house portion of the performance spaces, to ensure accommodation of disabled patrons’ access to the facilities and to ensure the safety of the audience entering and leaving the facility. All ushers must be at least 18 years old and should arrive dressed in black pants or skirts and white shirts or blouses. Ushers meet the House Manager in the lobby at 6:30.

If you, or an aunt, uncle or grandparent can help with any of these volunteer duties, please sign up.

We appreciate all that you do to help make our organization run smoothly. Thank you!