We ask all new students and those who are seeking to “move up” from Philharmonia to Symphony to audition in person. We will hold auditions on Monday, September 18 at the Western Washington University Performing Arts Center.

To sign up for an audition, make sure that you can complete the registration form.


  1. New musicians will be asked to play the following
    • 1-minute solo of the student’s choice
    • One non-scale etude of choice from the WMEA repertoire (Junior for Philharmonia; High School for Symphony)
    • Scales: 1 major, 1 minor and, for winds/brass, chromatic scale.
    Students may also be asked to sight-read a brief excerpt during their audition.
Additional Information

Do your best, but know that our conductors do not expect perfection. Everyone has a slip now and then! More importantly, the conductors want to hear your current playing ability.

There is no dress code for auditions. Some students choose to wear recital or concert attire, but other choose casual clothes in which they feel most comfortable. Both choices are absolutely fine!

Not sure which ensemble is right for you? Let both age and skill level guide your thinking. The WMEA/All-Northwest excerpts, while a stretch for many students, are a good indicator of our target ability level for each group