Dress Code

The NSYS maintains a dress code for concert performances because a simple, integrated visual appearance promotes the image of the orchestra as a unified ensemble. Please follow the Dress Code.


  • Black pants or black ankle-length skirt with black dress shoes, black socks, hose or tights.
  • Philharmonia: Black top with 3/4 or full length sleeves
  • Symphony: Black top with 3/4 or full length sleeves


  • Black pants, black dress shoes, black socks.
  • Black ties or bowties are acceptable but not required.
  • Philharmonia: Black dress shirt – long sleeved
  • Symphony: Black dress shirt with black jacket.

Other Requests

  • Please do not use perfumes or overly fragrant hygiene products.
  • Hair should be clipped or tied back so we can see your face.
  • Please make all jewelry selections unobtrusive.
  • Inappropriate Attire: Tennis shoes, jeans, athletic pants, low-rise pants, tight pants/leggings, capri pants, flip-flops, platform shoes, white socks, sleeveless or low-cut blouses, short skirts (above knee when seated) or too much bling! Thanks!