Room Schedule HERE.

Time and Location

  • Rehearsals are on Mondays at the Performing Arts Center at Western Washington University (MAP).
    • Symphony 6-8:15 pm
    • Philharmonia 6-8:15 pm
  • Come to Lower Level 2 to sign in each evening and check for the rehearsal location for your group.
  • Please arrive before 6:15 so that you are seated, tuned and ready to play on time.
  • Parents are encouraged to observe rehearsals, assist with room set-ups, serving snacks, organizing sheet music, or other volunteer jobs during rehearsal time. (See a board member for more information on volunteering at NSYS)
  • We ask parents to please come in on the 1st rehearsal of each trimester to register your students and connect with other parents, board members, and conductors.
  • Parents/Guardians are invited and encouraged to attend the General Meetings of the Board and Members (Parents/Guardians) at the beginning of each trimester. As a volunteer organization we benefit from having as many parents involved as possible!


  • Rehearsal dates are listed on our Calendar.


  • In general it is expected that students attend all rehearsals. If sickness or emergency prevents you from attending, please contact NSYS or your conductor before the rehearsal to let them know you cannot attend.
  • A member with several absences or obvious lack of practice may be asked not to play in the next concert.
  • Members are asked to be seated, tuned and ready to play at 6pm so that rehearsals can get started on time! Plan to arrive at the PAC between 5:45-5:55 pm


Parking is available by the PAC in lots 11G, and 6V. See the WWU Parking Map for the exact locations.

Make sure you purchase a permit: Permits may be purchased at the pay station in the parking lot. Parking is $1 per hour. Do not be tempted to skip purchasing a permit. WWU will ticket cars without a permit. If you do receive a citation, NSYS is unable to appeal on your behalf.

Parking Warning: Do not park in 25G or in reserved parking spaces at any time. WWU will ticket cars without a permit. If you do receive a citation, NSYS is unable to appeal on your behalf.

Visit the WWU Parking Service website for more information on parking at WWU