Required forms for members

All students need to fill out a Registration Packet, either online (preferred, or printed out, see below.) You can print the forms, fill them out and bring them with you to rehearsal. Blank forms will also be available at rehearsal. The registration packet includes three forms: Registration Form; Emergency Contact and Hold Harmless Form; School Music Program Participation Form.

IMPORTANT: All students need to have an Emergency Care and Hold Harmless Form on file, signed by parents and students, in order to be at rehearsal. This form is part of the Registration Packet. Students without this form will not be allowed to stay at rehearsal. Forms can be filled out in advance and brought with the student, or parents can fill out forms in person at rehearsal.


All musicians please fill out the 2024  registration form.

Auditions are required for all new and returning musicians. Click here to go to Auditions Page for more information.

Covid Policy:

In light of changing public health recommendations and reduced public health requirements at Western WWU, We have revised  NSYS’s covid-related policies. 

    • Masks are encouraged but not required at rehearsals and concerts.

    • We continue to strongly encourage vaccination, and we ask you to submit proof of vaccination as part of your registration.

    • In the event of a covid outbreak and/or changing public health directives, we may ask unvaccinated participants to forgo rehearsals and/or concerts.

    • In the event that the situation changes, we may revise these policies to protect the health of our musicians and conductors.