Tucker Horath

Spring 2012

Tucker Horath is a senior at Sehome High School. This is what he says about his musical inspirations:

My family partially descended from the Island of Shetland, where 1/10 people could play an instrument, nearly all of my family could. My family ventured out of Shetland and to the state of Montana, where they lived on a farm, and the one thing that most every child was taught; was how to play an instrument. All the children learned to sing, to play the fiddle, guitar, or most any instrument they picked up. It got to the point that many of my uncles became the state champions in both Wyoming and Montana, in voice, guitar, and fiddle. Since then music has been passed down to my generation of family, but many of us ventured away from fiddle/blue grass and moved onto something new. My cousin, Korine Fujiwara, graduated from Julliard and started her own quartet and now she tours around the world with them. I started to play the violin and am eternally grateful that I did because I now get to continue to pass down a gift and a treasure that has been shared by all my family for hundreds of years. I am grateful that I possess an artistic talent that I can express in any manner to which I please, because to me my music is how I can express my identity. I would like to thank the North Sound Youth Symphony for this unique opportunity and I am deeply grateful that I joined them nearly seven years ago, and I have enjoyed being with them every one of them.