Maya Enstad

Fall 2011

Maya Enstad is an eight grader at Shuksan Middle School. She started playing the cello in sixth grade and immediately knew she had found her passion. She soon started studying with Coral Marchant in January 2010 and really connected to Coral’s teaching and personality. That same year she joined NSYS and has been playing with them since. Maya feels she has had a “late start” at playing cello compared to successful solo artists which has motivated her to dedicate hours each day to “catch up”. She has participated in Junior All State, Chamber Days and Marrowstone Music Festival at WWU this past summer. You can find Maya “busking” in Fairhaven in the spring and summer to earn money for her cello endeavors like music camp, and a new bow. She loves bringing together friends to play in quartet. Maya recently joined Seattle Youth Symphony this fall. She hopes to do well at Solo and Ensemble this Spring and play at Seattle Young Artists Music Festival this year. She has taken on beginning students and hopes to further her education as a cello instructor. Maya is an expressive player and is drawn to romantic styles. Her favorite composers change all the time but currently she admires Gabriel Faure and Maurice Ravel. Her goals include attending a conservatory and having a music career that will allow her to play cello every single day.

Annie Campbell Vohs