2020 Soloist Winter Clara Kelly

Clara Kelly is a sophomore at Sehome High School and has been playing the violin for 10 years. She started studying the violin under Betsy Stuen-Walker, and is now taking lessons from WWU professor Laura Camacho. She adores playing the violin and spends a good portion of her time either practicing or listening to orchestral works such as Brahms’ 1st symphony. Clara’s love for music has encouraged her to perform out in the community as well as participate in many music festivals such as the Seattle Young Artist’s Music Festival. She has also had the wonderful opportunity to go to both WMEA All State and Marrowstone Music Festival where she sat as assistant principal second violin in the Festival Orchestra. When she is not doing something music-related, Clara likes to take hikes with her friends and family, as well as dance and do yoga. Along with the violin, Clara enjoys creative writing and being artistic. And though these are both things that could become possible majors for her, Clara’s plans for the future will likely lead her down the path for a musical career. She sends her thanks to her supportive and loving family, and to the wonderful music educators Laura Camacho, Grant Donnellan, James Ray, Kirstan Doud, and Morgan Schwab who have helped her so far in her musical journey.